Friday, 16 May 2014

My Fat Loss Story So Far!


This  is one of those posts that has been on the cards for a while. One that I'll have to take a deep breath and muster a little courage before I press 'publish' ;-)

Its all good, though! 

I get a lot of views/emails/comments etc on my posts I've done about losing weight - or fat loss as I now like to call it. I don't mind what the scales say I weigh nowadays ;-) It's irrelevant.
Anyway...I probably have randomly done posts about it and thought maybe I could condense them all into one post to make it easier to find and read.
I figured it would also give me somewhere to point people who see me in the street etc. and ask what I've been doing but neither of us actually have the spare 4/5 hours needed for me to fully explain properly what I'm doing ;-)

So here as-brief-as-I-can-get-it snapshot into my journey so far. It mostly relates to food, the exercise stuff is in other posts which I will direct you to at the end. :-)
I'm including photos. 
Which explains my hesitation to actually post this. I will though. For real. Otherwise you won't be reading this. You'll just be dreaming. 

Here is what I've changed in my life to go from a heavy and unfit size 18 to a fitter and stronger size 10/12. In order. :-)

1. THE most important thing I've learnt in the last ten years of my that our thoughts create our lives. I knew I was unhappy. I knew that I wanted to lose weight and I knew that I didn't believe that I could. I'd tried and failed in the past many times so why would I believe that I could actually lose weight? Ever heard the saying, 'fake it 'til you make it'? Well that's what I did. By saying the affirmation - I am willing to change - as often as I could, everyday, eventually it became true for me and I was willing to change. I didn't worry about what or how I was going to change...I just said that affirmation over and over to myself. And have you also heard the saying, 'when the student is ready, the teacher appears'? Which brings me to number...

2. I was visiting my parents and they had a DVD sitting on their kitchen bench that had come attached to a magazine they had bought. It was called 'Fat, sick and nearly dead' and with nothing much else to do...we sat and watched it. After watching it I knew exactly what I was going to do to change. If the people on that DVD could lose weight, then so could I. So I started a...

3. 30 day juice fast. I lost 14kgs in the 30 days.  Without exercise. This was extreme. I don't recommend it.
What I did learn is that a, I could lose weight. And b, that I needed to set a more specific and detailed goal for what I wanted to achieve. I'd had a vague thought that I'd like to be a size 14 and then I'd be happy. And I was pretty well a 14 by the end of the fast...but I was very soft, flabby, spongey etc. and I wasn't happy with that for long. The juice fast did also changed my taste buds. I found I craved vegetables, rather than chocolate and began eating lots of them along with other healthy foods.
I also had energy like I hadn't had for years! So I started...

4. taking our dog for walks at night. Then I got the 5k runner app on my phone and started doing that. I'd bought a few new clothes and was researching and trying out new clean and healthy recipes occasionally.
But I hadn't made a commitment to myself. I was cruising along, on auto-pilot a lot of the time, and old ways of eating had started to creep back in. I'd put 4kgs back on. I know that's not much, but I could see where I was heading.

5. So on the long weekend in June last year - instead of beating myself up, which is what I would normally do - I sat myself down and made a commitment to myself. I asked myself what did I really want and I wrote it all down into a goal. I was specific and gave myself a deadline and committed myself 100% to it. 'I am willing to change.' I knew that if I didn't fully commit, I'd be back where I started in no time. I'd already started in that direction again and I didn't like it.

6. So from that day on, I've been committed to my goal...which has changed a lot along the way! I am not only concerned with how I look or what size I am, (lets face it...that is a BIG motivator in the beginning!) but I'm also concerned with how I treat/feed my body, seeing as it's the only one I get in this lifetime ;-) 
I'm only eating whole, real and unprocessed foods. I do this all day, everyday! I don't have cheat meals or eat 80/20 or anything like that. This is my lifestyle now and a way that I show myself that I love myself...which is something I work on everyday and have done for the last 10 or so years. Self-love is a slow process :-) I've done tons of research online regarding food and exercise and have tried various ways of eating and exercising to see what works best for me. I still drink coffee...for now ;-)

Instagram has given me a wealth of information, as has chatting with like-minded people such as Clair who told me about Whole 30, which btw...I recommend first and foremost now over a juice fast anyday! In a little over thirty days your taste buds will have changed, you'll have lost a little weight, your shape will have started to change and you'll know if you have any aversion or reactions to food that perhaps you didn't know before. As well as any number of other miraculous things that can happen to your body when you take out processed food! Check out more about whole 30 right here. And you can read a little about my whole 30 experience here.

As far as exercise can read my post on that here. I have half written another post on my exercising but I am changing a couple of things (I think!) and need to see how that pans out before I post about it. ;-)    .
Basically I researched what body type I am (mesomorph) and how best to train for my particular type. And when you start eating real foods, you'll find that you want to exercise and that you can easily fit it in to your schedule as you won't be spending so much quality time with your couch ;-)

So there are the photo's. The second one was taken on my birthday a couple of weeks ago by our 7 year old who instigated an impromptu photo shoot and had me doing all sorts of crazy poses. This was the tamest one!

I hope this helps you a little on your journey :-)
Just remember that there is no one else like you, so do your research and try different things and see what works for your body.
Take photos of yourself so you can see any changes as they happen.
And most willing to change! Your body/family/friends will thank you for it :-)
If I can do it - YOU can do it too!!!

Courts xx

PS. Email me if you have any questions!!! 
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