Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Before And After: An Antique Dresser


I have a gorgeous before and after to show you today, namely this...

a beautiful antique dresser that has been in it's family for a long time and is now going to be loved and used again in it's owners eldest daughter's bedroom.
It had been in their family farmhouse previously and the hard work in bringing it back to life had been started already (yay!) so this is what it looked like when I got it -

Look at that beautiful patina! I couldn't replicate that in a million years ;-) Given the age of this piece, it was without a doubt lead paint, so it had to go.

And what a stunner it is now!

Yep, I'm into vampire novels ;-)

That timber is like glass to touch...I glide my hand over it every time I walk past it ;-)
And the reason it feels like glass? Well other than my awesome sanding work ;-) is this stuff...

my new favorite wax!

This was the first time I'd used it on natural timber (the other times it's been over ASCP) and its so good!
You can see in the photo above the one on the left has been waxed and the one on the right hasn't.
It gives a similar lustre and richness to the timber that beeswax does, I just find it's easier to work with (it's softer) and the end result is just smoother and glassy-like! I also think it cures quicker than beeswax too - this may be just me - but if it does...that's a bonus for this impatient girl :-)

Another first for me was painting the original hardware. It was important to the owners to keep the original hardware for the history of this piece (and I agree totally!) You can see the bottom right one is broken and probably has been for a while, but that just adds to the character and individuality of it. It was my clients idea to paint it the same colour as the body of the dresser and I've gotta say...I love it!! I'll definitely do this again!
It gives such a unique look without being 'out there' at all.
So to paint them, I primed them first with a metal spray primer then I tried spraying the colour on with my sprayer on a very cold day and the paint just ran off.
I almost panicked as I didn't know what to do to get the colour to stick...but then I remembered what I always do when I don't know something...I ask!
So off to Mitre 10 I went (I practically live there) and got the answer on what to do straight away and it worked like a charm! Thanks guys!!
I had to heat the hardware first with my heat gun, just a little, then paint the colour on. No more problem, yay!!
I gave it two coats like that and then sealed them with a spray polyurethane.

So there you have it. Another project done and dusted and I loved doing this one...it's been ages since I've done a dresser.

I have more projects to show you...I'm always doing something!
I just need to find the time to blog about them!!

Hope you are having a wonderful week!!

Courts xx


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

such a beauty! i love the natural wood!

5Bent Needles said...

WOW, this piece is gorgeous, a true masterpiece, I bet the owners are so delighted you worked your magic touch!

Alison @ Rubylicious Bespoke said...

Wow, I bet that dresser could tell a few stories. Looks beautiful, love the two tone x

Catherine said...

It really is beautiful Courts! I love the waxed wood, makes it look so warm, it's lovely. Is it a cream paint you've used? Bet the client is over the moon :)

Bianca (ivylovesjack) said...

I love those handles. Good job!

Fiona said...

The transformation is amazing Courts. Bravo!

Restyled Vintage said...

Wow what an improvement...interesting about heating the handles, I've never had any trouble with paint sticking to metal handles but it's probably colder where you are ;)

xx Karen

Sue SA said...

love it!

Rachelle said...

Love this transformation! A real diamond in the rough

Jo Coastal Home Love said...

Love it! I've just finished a dresser very similar in style, maybe they are long lost sisters! Ha. Have a great weekend lovely, Jo x

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