Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Blue Ombre Dresser With DIY Handles

This one was a loooong (long!) you ever have those?!

I needed to fit it in between client projects so it took about three months to complete. I realize that this is not necessarily a long time by everyone's standards, but for me, who now has three (short) days a week dedicated to furniture projects...this was long  ;-)

I LOVED doing this one!!

Mainly because I custom mixed the five colours myself and had to come up with some handles to fit the existing holes and suit the piece.

Basically I got to let my creativity take over :)

This one was kindly given to me by some wonderful clients of mine and it is straight from the 60's!

And I completely forgot to take a before pic of this - must have been too excited to start!!
I knew straight away what I was going to do with this one!
I just love the clean lines! Perfect for the ombre look.

Unfortunately my creativity must have run out by the time I photographed this, I apologize for the boring photos!
Lack of time is my story that I'm sticking to ;-)

When starting this piece I was so excited to paint that I just started and didn't really think about handles.
I figured I'd find something later that would suit.

This proved harder than I thought, so I made them myself from sisal rope.
Tony drilled the holes out bigger for me and I glued on washers with liquid nails to cover the bare holes (Tony's idea!) and they work perfectly!! The washers kinda beef it up a bit!

I need to trim off those wayward bits!!

And there you have it!

Another one done and this one will be for sale. Perfect for a boys room I think ;-)

School is out for 2 weeks tomorrow and we are off camping over Easter with the rest of regional Victoria!
Hopefully the weather will cooperate.
I'd better go and pack!

Have a fantastic Easter wherever you are!!

Courts xx

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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Before And After: Sideboard (Part One)

This is one of those BIG transformation pieces (love that!) - wait until you see the before!

I've called it part one because this (huge) sideboard has an even bigger top to it - making it one massive dresser/hutch (never quite know what to call them:) which is almost finished...almost ;-)
Part one here has been picked up by its owners and is patiently awaiting its other half...better half even, dare I say?
Can't wait to show it to you!

It is looking superb!! 

Ok, you can check out the pics now!

Before -

Here's what I did (briefly)-

-I stripped the top back with my heat gun, then sander and stained it this beautiful rich red, then sealed it with four coats of satin poly.
-I primed and painted the rest and lightly distressed it before sealing with my fave beeswax.
-My gorgeous clients sourced the new hardware (love!) which I think really makes the piece. Even if I hadn't painted it...switching out the timber knobs to these would have been a noticeable change to the sideboard. A simple and inexpensive change that you could do fairly easily on your own piece ;-)

FYI,  I had to fill and sand the existing knob holes in the three drawers because we were changing from knobs to handles. I did this before I primed.

Stay tuned for some more before and afters...I seem to be on a roll this year!! 
I think almost all my posts have been before and afters!

Its almost the weekend!!

Courts xx
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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Before And After: Coffee Table

This went from not-so-beautiful orange pine...

To sooo much better with not a skerrick of orange to be seen!

I have an issue with orange pine (its ok if you have it...I still like you!) and there are a few of us who are committed to ridding the world of orange pine furniture, namely Catherine at Paisley Vintage and Alison at Rubylicious Bespoke . We've chatted on Instagram about forming a club/society of people for the beautification of orange pine furniture ;-)

One piece at a this one, which I am supposed to be talking about!

This one was for a client to match the dresser I also did.

I primed the top with zinsser stain blocker first - because it was being painted a light color, that particular primer will stop anything bleeding back through (mug rings etc which may not be visible, but can come through down the track) - then I painted the rest with homemade chalk paint. 

FYI, the cane chair I inherited from my Great-Aunt and I  have seen a photo of my dad as a baby with this chair in the it's old!! Sorry Dad!! ;-)
I have waxed it...and it needs doing again. It lives outside on the deck, so it gets pretty dry.
I'm leaving it natural because I know that if I painted it, I will change my mind and would never get it back to this!

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!!

Courts xx

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Thursday, 14 March 2013

I Think I'm In BIG Trouble!!

Why am I in trouble, you may be wondering?!

Well it's because of this -

You see I came across this mid-century piece of fabulousness at an op shop last week...which I quickly bought and got home and instagrammed (of course!) only to find out in the comments that a really, really good friend of mine had her sights set on it and hadn't nabbed it until she was sure she could get her husband to come and pick it up in his ute.
When she rang to ask them to hold it for her and that she could come and pick it up a little later, she was told that it had just been sold. I had literally just walked out with the receipt in my hands.

Tears were shed.

We've all been there before. We can all sympathize with her...

And so...I am in trouble.

But perhaps there is a way out?!

Maybe we could share it, 6 months with me and then 6 months with me her?!

Who knows?!!

Courts xx

PS. This is a true story, however, I am not actually in trouble...all is well with our friendship and this very dear friend of mine has just finished one half of shooting pics of our home for the long ago promised 'house tour' to go on this here blog! So stay tuned for that...soon!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Peppa Pig Party!!

Our eldest turned 6 recently and requested a peppa pig party...well ok, I nudged her in peppa's direction after she had mentioned peppa and princesses in a party discussion we had.
I figured I could handle peppa much easier than princesses seeing as I would be doing all the organizing myself. (Tony missed the big occasion as he was on a fishing trip in Darwin)

So we had about 14 little girls arrive for some fun.

There was pin-the-tail-on-peppa


Vintage musical chairs...and no, I still have not finished the cubby house ;-) The dead grass is caused by the it, but the lawn sure doesn't!

And of course - food!
(plain LCM's refridgerated, cut in half, skewers added, dipped in pink icing then sprinkles!)

Goodie bags for them all to take home - which we put a little notepad, coloured pencils, bangles and some sparkles to sprinkle outside to make a wish with, inside. I wanted to steer clear of lollies as they all probably got enough of a sugar rush at the party!

The best part of all?

The cake!! 
(NOT made by me - I am not that great in the kitchen!)

How awesome is it?!!!
(If you are local and need a special cake made - email me and I can give you this creative ladies' deets!)

Lastly...the only shots I have of the food table.
The first has hardly any food on it yet and the second has the birthday girl and her little sis in it...wearing gumboots which all the girls did for the throw the gumboots in the muddy puddle (cardboard!) game!

So that's what has been keeping me busy lately...thank goodness birthdays are only once a year!!
A BIG thanks to Bianca and Edie's Nan and great Nan for all your help, I couldn't have done it without you!! x

Courts xx

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Before And After: Bathroom Vanity

This project has been a fairly long and drawn out one...mostly because I've had to fit this into my spare time...which is basically non existent! I'm really not sure how I actually finished it considering my current work load, but lets just say that miracles CAN happen ;-)

This vanity unit is for my parents who are upgrading their bathroom in the near future. (Well that's the plan anyway!) And their renovation initially didn't include a second-hand vanity...and really who does?! When you've put up with a crappy bathroom for as long as they have, you just want everything brand spankers!
And they were happy to buy brand new until I came across this in a local op shop.
It had a white top with an in-set basin which had definitely done it's job. I think it went straight to the tip, which is why its missing in this pic :-)
I may have done the hard sell on them - plus they had mentioned wanting to own something that I had 'done' so with this we are killing two birds with one stone!

This is my first vanity I've ever done and it is basically the same process as any other piece except I could not use my favorite beeswax to seal this one.
It has been sealed with a marine grade polyurethane in a satin finish - which I must say is more on the glossy side. But perhaps that's the norm for poly?

The top is made from hardwood floorboards that Tony cut and joined together for me...I did help clamp it though;-) It was tongue and groove boards so was fairly easy (for him) to put together. One day I'll get confident with the big power tools. I tend to rely on Tony to do all that stuff for me, but now that I'm getting more projects under my belt, I'd like to be able to do every single part of the process myself. Especially if it means I can get it done when I want rather than having to wait for a spare moment of his ;-)

Anyway, get ready for picture overload!

That's Edie holding a tap on the wall for me so you get the idea ;-) Mum and Dad are having an oval shaped (white) basin that will sit on the top so I grabbed the biggest bowl I had which looks kinda nice I think! Its antique and is from an old jug and bowl set that my Nan gave me.

The color is a discontinued color called soft black and I did a little light distressing on the doors only. The new knobs give it a little extra something special to!

Now back to the floorboard top - the width of the floorboards and the amount that we had didn't quite work out, which was a bummer but that's ok because I love a challenge! I needed about 30mm more to make it fit.

Because the old boards were tongue and groove, the only other tongue and groove I could get that was the same thickness, was pine. And - as I am learning more about lately - pine and hardwood look quite different.   Pine has knots and hardwood doesn't (thanks to the guys at Mitre 10 for teaching me that!)

So I had to paint it to look similar to the hardwood.

See what I mean...challenge!!

I took out my trusty fandeck (LOVE!) and matched the colour, grabbed a sample pot and painted it on.
I then straight away randomly wiped some black-ish paint on with my finger then pretty much straight away wiped it off with a damp cloth.

It turned out great!!

Until I applied the poly (sealer) which brings out the warmth/richness of the timber, to which hardwood has a lot more of than pine.
Which makes the pine strip now look a bit lighter than the rest.

Next time I'd seal the hardwood first, then match the color.

It doesnt look too bad. 

And it will be at the back so hardly noticeable ;-)

Looks better up super close!

See?! Can't even notice!!

Well...If you've stuck with me and read all of this - well done!! And thank you!! x

Mum and Dad...hope you like it!!

Courts xx

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