Friday, 30 November 2012

Come Visit Me...

well I guess thats only possible if you live somewhat close to Horsham :)

Just a reminder that I am at the Makers' Christmas Market tomorrow - Saturday December 1st from 9.00 - 1.00 and I'd love to see you!!

Some things you'll see of mine there-

Plus more!!!

Hope to see you there!!

Courts xx

P.S It's even not too far to come if you happen to be from the place with 'Bad Morals' plus you'll make it back in plenty of time for the rodeo!! ;-0

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Before And After: Desk

I'm not sure if I'm the only one who experiences the shopping phenomenon: 


feeling that can sometimes come over me in a shop - be it clothes, shoes, bags, homewares and of course, furniture...I'm not?!!

 Didn't think so ;-)

Well it happened to me last week when I saw this desk -

I just love the simplicity of this piece and I got that after a quick vehicle swap, it came home with me bursting with potential.

I didn't yet know what I was going to do with that potential, but a quick trip to mitre 10's paint section gave me the inspiration I needed. I came home with 5 color swatches and I ended up surprising myself with the color choice.

I have never used this color on anything before, but...holy guacamole batman...I think it works!!

It even ties in with the second footstool I did (which didn't even enter my head until I was photographing this!)

Ok, some deets:

Top - Refinished then beeswax - of course!
Paint color - Wattyl - Aqua Infusion (made into my DIY chalk paint)
Finish - Really light distressing then sealed with beeswax.
Hardware - Original

Both of these will be at the Makers' Christmas Market this Saturday December 1st 9.00 - 1.00

Courts xx

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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

What To Do...What To Do...

Such a beautiful antique chair.

I seem to be having this dilemma a lot lately. 

Beautiful pieces that just need something to update them but to not lose sight of who they are..

Hence this posts' title - what to do?

Well, as I always say..

'when in doubt get the union jack out!!!' (not really;-)

Oh yeah!!

That is all.

Courts xx

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Before And After: Teak Table

I grabbed this little coffee table recently without really looking at it, thinking I'd paint it up and it'd be great.

When I actually stopped and had a proper look at it, I discovered that it is teak! I guess I have a bit of a thing for teak, which translates to 'I cannot paint it'. So what to do?

It definitely needed something.

A little extroverting/extroverted-ness/extroversion?!!

This is what I came up with...

Pics are pretty shocking I know and sorry! Really bad light that day :)

the top is teak veneer which I (gently) refinished before taping up and painting on the cross.
I sealed the cross with beeswax then took off the tape and gave all the rest some teak oil love :)

In other teak goodness at my place - I have now finished three of these babies and here is a look at number two, via my instagram pics...

its done in another Alexander Henry fabric, which I love! I've saved the marimekko fabric for last ;-)

Less than a week to go to the Makers' Christmas Market and I think I'm almost ready! And looking forward to it!!

Hope you are having a fun weekend!

Courts xx

Primitive and Proper

Monday, 19 November 2012

Before And After: Tall Side Table

I recently finished this table which I picked up at a local op shop looking more or less like this...

See where I singed the grass with my new heat gun? I kinda got in trouble for that!!

Its quite a tall table, pretty much a normal dining table height. It needed the bottom shelf re-attached, but other than that it was in great shape.

I mixed up my own color for this one...

I wiped a little black paint into the grooves on each leg to define them a little more.

 It looks so much fresher and has a new lease on life..maybe as a side table or bedside? Who knows!!

FYI, Abigail Ahern loves tall bedside tables instead of low ones - she says it gives a grander look to the room. I tend to agree and have always used tall bedsides...just not because I thought it was 'grander', (don't think I've ever actually used that word before!) but because it was all I had and now have grown so used to them, I always choose something tall to go beside my bed :)

This table (and the lamp) will be at the Makers' Christmas Market on December 1st!!

Hope you're having an awesome week wherever you are!

Courts xx

Friday, 16 November 2012

Made In 1970...

Teak footstools. 

I love them.

BTW, lots of awesome things were born/made in the 70's ;)

These are all stamped with the date 22nd May 1970. Too cool!

One finished...

in this beautiful  fabric - Copenhagen by Alexander Henry - and refinished teak ( I use teak oil). 
I had to go and buy myself a new mouse sander as mine burst into flames while I was doing the first one!!
Never a dull moment around here I tell you ;)

Three more to go, one is being upholstered in Pieni Unikko by Marimekko, which is the smaller scale print of their famous unikko design. I must admit I'm feeling a little pressure to not muck that one up :)

These are coming to the Makers' Christmas Market with me - Saturday December 1st 9.00 - 1.00 at the Horsham library. Come and see me!!

Have a fantastic weekend, I'll either be painting, upholstering or pushing a wheelbarrow...unless I can get out of it somehow....

Courts xx

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Monday, 12 November 2012

Before And After: Unique Antique


Its still a little crazy around here at the moment, hence my lack of posts!! 
But the good news is...I've been getting lots done so I'll have heaps to show you in the coming weeks :)
Tony went back to the doctor today and was told they've found another fracture in his wrist so he'll be in plaster for another three weeks...much to his dismay.
I did offer my services as his assistant again, but he turned me down ;) I'm choosing to think that he's so observant and noticed I didn't 'love' the tiny amount of plumbing I did with him and he's saving me from having to do it again...rather than that I wasn't actually any help!

Anyway...lets talk about this table.
It's unique isn't it?

I've never seen one like it before, which always gets a big 'tick' from me:)

I was very fortunate to meet some beautiful, wonderful ladies at the art show market a few weeks back - stallholders and their friends - and this table came from one of them!
It has been in her family for a loooooong time so I got to hear some of its history. But for the past six years, it had been sitting in her shed.

I love knowing the history of a piece of furniture, it just kinda makes it a bit extra special:)

Having this information did make me do a little contemplating, a lot of pacing back and forth etc.
I really wanted to respect its history and the family, but also bring it into twenty twelve.

I'm happy with the end result!! (Hope you are too, Wani)

It still looks like an old table, just with a modern color now!

I chose a beautiful inky blue, (don't ask me what it is, I didn't write it down and cannot for the life of me remember...sorry!) heavily distressed it and refinished the tops with a mix of beeswax and a brown carnuba wax. I did that to deepen the color a little, it would have been too light with such a dark paint color.

There you have it!

This one will be coming to the Makers' Christmas Market on Saturday December 1st at the library in Horsham so you can come and see its uniqueness in the flesh!

Well...if you're local you can ;-)

Be good...

Courts xx

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