Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Chairs 2 And 3...More Parkers!!


It's been busy around here and I'm so excited to show you my next two chairs just completed!! 
I've got 7 chairs to do by the end of August...plenty of time I know:)

I was ecstatic to come across these two Parker dining chairs a few months ago - after already re-designing 6 of them last year which you can read about here and here. - I love the simple design and retro modern look of Parkers, hence me being a little excited!!

These are a different style from the previous ones I did. Here's the before -

It had green boucle fabric which had really worn out its welcome! And each chair has 4 buttons on the back (a first for me) which I kept...but didn't!! 

A little cryptic, I know, but you'll see what I mean ;)

Another first for me was re-finishing the woodwork, which had to be done as it was faded pretty bad.

It was just a case of sanding then two coats of danish oil. So much better!!

And now the finished chairs..........

I kept the look of the button back, but didn't actually use a button to do it!!
It took a little trial and error, but I eventually figured it out. I forgot to take pics of the process, but I'm happy to post how I did it step-by step if you're interested?!

I've got to go and do the mum thing now, but please let me know what you think :)

These babies are getting packed up tight in preparation for September 1st, which I am yet to tell you about...I promise I will when it gets closer!!

Have a great week!!

Courts xx

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Friday, 27 July 2012

First Chair (Out Of Seven!) Re-Upholstered

Yay, its Friday!!
 Friday's are my 'work' day where I have 6 wonderful hours to myself to do whatever I like - which is usually furniture related - and as I mentioned here, I have 7 chairs to do!! 
Well, 6 now!! Let me show you what I've been up to :)

Lets just call this 'chair one'

Or chair one point five ;) This one had a little footstool too! Check out the before -

This one belongs to my friend Kylie who owns Imperial Living in Camperdown. She didn't have time to upholster it herself so I enjoyed doing it for her!!

The fabric is an Ikea one, which I also love (my bedside lamp is covered in this!)

So one down, six to go!!

Two are in the works and the other four...well, I haven't even picked them up yet!!

I have a deadline, so I know I'll get there! Its funny how I can get more done with a little pressure on me, kinda like how I left my school assignments to the night before in high school!!

I'm not quite that bad now ;)

Have an awesome weekend and hopefully I'll be back soon with chairs two and three!
No, I WILL be back soon with them!!

Courts xx

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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Lamps, Lamps, Lamps!!

Happy Wednesday!!

Just completed...

You may have seen some of the lamp bases here before and I finally got hold of some shades recently that would work with them. I'm loving the oversized shades on smaller bases at the moment - or just huge lamps in general!! What do you think?

These four are on their way to Imperial Living in Camperdown where they will hopefully find happy new homes!!

Courts xx

Friday, 20 July 2012

I Got This Email...

I've been blogging for almost a year now, and have met some wonderful people along the way - as well as been inspired by amazingly talented writers/DIY-ers/artists/furniture re-doers etc.

I have awesome readers who keep on coming back to see what I'm up to, which is humbling, and some of them get in touch with me (which I love, btw;)) to ask questions or to let me know that they've been inspired by what they see here at my little old blog!

AC is one of those people. Yep, AC like air conditioner. Its how she introduced herself back in February!

She found this here blog and got in touch, showing me some cool DIY projects she's done with the most recent one being this -

Her awesome breakfast cart!! How cool are the stripes!! You know I love a good stripe here and there ;-)
What a difference from the first photo!!

Maybe I could call it a breakfast cart/drinks trolley? Is that vodka I spy there AC?! Now thats my kind of brekky!! Just kidding, I really don't drink often...only once or twice a day year!!

Now AC doesn't have a blog...but she does have a pinterest account which you can check out and follow here! Take a look at what she did with vintage water skiis...genius!!

Thanks AC for sharing your DIY project with me and allowing me to share it here :)

So if you are a new or non-blogger visitor - welcome!!! If you've been visiting for a while - Hi there!! Welcome back!! I'd love to hear from you, hear/see what projects YOU'VE been up to!
Shoot me an email. Leave me a comment. 
Who knows? Maybe your project picture could end up here for the world to see and love?!
I'm pretty easy to get along with...I promise! 

Courts xx

P.S Just to clarify, I really do only drink about one or two times a year...if that. I know, I'm a rare species. Who ever heard of a non-drinking Australian?!! x

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Before And After: Bench Seat

I found this 60's phone bench a little while ago and knew it would make a perfect upholstered bench seat. 

I knocked off the little cupboard with one foul swoop of a hammer - there wasn't much holding it in place - and lifted the seat pad off, which I seem to have done before I took this photo :)
Gave it some coats of paint, then had Tony cut some MDF to size which I then added foam and fabric to.
Lastly, we screwed it on from underneath. (we = Tony!)

And now -

perfect for the end of a single bed or a cute extra seat option in a well-used area.

The fabric is a bluey-charcoal color and the paint is slightly off-white. Cushions are Target, about $18 each on sale and they're huge!! Love!!

I've been working on some lamps today as well as a couple of chairs while eyeing off a third.
I may be leaning towards too many projects on the go at one time;)
Yesterday I said I had 7 chairs to do...I forgot a couple...its actually 9. Oh well. Its a good thing I LOVE redesigning chairs!!

Courts xx

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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Back In The Swing!

Hi there!! I didn't quite make it here to the blog over the weekend as promised...sorry about that :)
Its been a little crazy lately, but we're back in the swing of things now - kinder has started again - and it's actually kinda nice to be back in a routine!

I hit the op shops while we were away, and bought quite a bit...more pottery pieces for me to paint and plenty of clothes, just no furniture this time. And none of it was exciting enough to show you :)

I do have a lot of projects on the go - most of them are for something special that's coming up that I will fill you in on as it gets closer - including 7 chairs to re-upholster!

I have a small project that I did ages ago to show you -

which I didn't take a before pic of, I'm sorry!

You may recognize the fabric on the top that I used on this one...

yep, that gorgeous vintage fabric that I had a couple of small pieces left that I HAD to use!!
The top one is also upholstered in a duck-egg blue pure wool vintage blanket.

BTW, both of these are now in my friend Kylie's shop which you can now check out online here!

While we were away, I got to visit Bunnings...

which was AWESOME!! A real DIY-ers heaven. It's pretty much in the same category as visiting Ikea, in that you wander around and find awesome little things that get the creative mind ticking over to ways you could use something other than it's intended purpose!

Such as this roll of neon pink string that's generally used as a string line by builders

That I wrapped around a pottery jug's handle that I picked up while I was away -

Just to add a touch of neon! I know it doesn't really go, but in the grand scheme of things...it will!!

I hope you had an awesome weekend, and I'll be back with a before and after, in the next couple of days!
In the meantime, I'll be un-stapling and stapling, dyeing fabric and trying to cover buttons.
Gotta get through those 7 chairs!!

Wish me luck!!!

Courts xx

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Out With The Old, And In With The New...Er Old!!

We are away visiting my parents this week while it's school holidays
and I thought I'd show you our new chairs that arrived just before we left!

Well, knowing me they're not 'new' new.

Just new to us:)

We've got four dining chairs to replace these ones...

my nanna chairs!!

These were some temporary chairs we've been using for a couple of years.
I had planned to do them up, but they ended up being too difficult, bordering on impossible to get the look I wanted.

I had covered them with an Ikea fabric to tide us over, which I put on straight over the top of the old fabric that you can see in the top picture. That fabric would have been gorgeous in its day ;)

This is what I found to replace them -

I'm slowly changing my style...I think!! I have a plan for these chairs and I'll definitly keep you updated.
They'll stay as they are for a while - vinyl is so much easy to keep clean than fabric on chairs when you have two little skadoos!!

Speaking of those two...

their gumboots have been getting a workout at my parents place after the rain we're getting!

But before the rain there was this -

I wish it was snow!! I'd love to experience some snow!!

Just a heavy frost!

I'm off to do some serious op shopping while we're here, and I'll be back on the weekend! Hopefully with some seriously cool finds:)

Hope you're having an awesome week!!

Courts xx

P.S If you're local and want my four 'nanna chairs', I'm giving them away! Shoot me an email to let me know you want them - first in gets them! I plan on donating them on Monday :)

Friday, 6 July 2012

Guest Posting - Livving Savvy

Today you can find me over at Living Savvy talking about some other spray paint projects
I've recently finished, including the experiment I alluded to here!

Here's a tiny sneak peek...

but to get all the pics and details...

Have a fantastic weekend, whatever you may be doing!

Courts x

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

At Our House Lately...

Instead of inside or furniture projects on weekends, we've been outside turning these...

handmade (possibly by convicts!) old, old, old, huge bluestone bricks that had been an old dairy into...

steps off our deck and garden edging. All ready for dirt and plants in the spring :)

Also one of these...

for the girls. Tone built it and when it dries out, I get to paint!
There's been some negotiating going on that's been narrowed down to pink on the inside and white on the outside. ;)

I'll show you finished pics when it's painted and the lower level sand pit is done.

Busy times!! Thank goodness for holidays which we are in right now!

Hope you're having an awesome week!!

Courts xx

Monday, 2 July 2012

Spray Paint...YEAH!!

I must admit...I am amazed at how good inexpensive spray paint is!!!

You may have heard me mention not too long ago how I'd recently discovered that our local 'discount' stores stock really inexpensive spray paint...yeah I was a tad late getting that memo!!

And you know what?

It's really good!!!!

Just check these out...

3 x thrifted lamp bases. Here are the before and afters -

nice 80's dusky pink!!

Now a sunnny yellow -

A blurry before shot of the wooden lamp base...

that's now a bluey-grey - sorry I can't remember the name of the color and it's too cold to duck out to the shed to find it :)

and my favorite's before...

during - in it's little cardboard box 'spray booth'

and after...

Sorry about the picture overload :) and yes, it's the same lamp shade on all of them!!

If you want to find out more about spray painting - Tiffany from Living Savvy holds a weekly spray painters anonymous 'meeting'...well posts from guest bloggers who all love to spray!!
Yep, its a movement!! And I think I'm joining!!

After such success, I am now on the lookout for more things to spray paint. I'm also currently conducting a little experiment using spray paint that I'll tell you all about...soon :)

Have an awesome week!!!

Courts xx

P.S The three lamps above (not including the lamp shade) cost me a total of $9.50!!
Not bad!!
What have you got lying around that could use a little spray paint update?
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