Sunday, 29 April 2012

Before And After - Re-Designed Chair

Ready to see the first of my latest projects that I alluded to yesterday?

Maybe fluoro is gonna be my new thing?

Maybe I've finally moved on from GT-Stripes? Who knows? :)

I've had this chair for quite a few years now. I love it to bits! It has been the best chair...perfect for breastfeeding and for rocking restless babies/toddlers/mothers at all hours of the night.
(It has springs in the back there so it does rock!)

It looked like this when I first got it for $40.

And then my Nan and Pop re-upholstered it for me to this -

Aren't they clever?! My pop has just turned 90, so they were both in their 80's when they did this!
They're both young for their age, always have been.
That must have been at least six years ago. Before I had any time or inclination to learn upholstery myself.

So when I decided it was time to re-design this chair, I pulled off the upholstery back to it's original - the faded peach color in the top photo - and immediately knew what I wanted to do.

I loved the texture of it's original fabric.

You can see Doyle sulking in the background! I swear he knows that the others have gone to the farm (my in-laws) and he's stuck here watching me paint!!

Yes paint!

I painted the chair.

And I love it!

I left the timber legs and arms just as they were. I love the scratches and worn look against the fresh look of the paint!
I've painted fabric plenty of times before, so knew what to expect. You can see some of those projects here and here

You can see here that the texture in the fabric shows through the paint...just what I was after!!

A little more modern now...more twenty twelve!!

Do you have a chair at home with perfect upholstery but maybe could do with a little facelift?

Here's how you do.

My Fast Five Details -

1. Make sure the fabric is clean, a vacuum will do the trick and tape off and cover any areas you don't want to paint.

2. Check out what colors of house paint you have lying around in the shed. Yes house paint! Can you use a color you already have? (fabric paint or adding a fabric medium is only required for fabric that you are going to wash - like cushion or slip covers.) If you need to buy paint for your project, a sample pot is enough for a chair similar size to mine.Be aware that whatever paint you use, the fabric is going to feel stiff.

3. Water down the paint. I added some water to the paint to thin it down a bit. It goes on sooo much easier and spreads better. If it's too thick, the fabric really soaks it up. I only did one coat on my chair! You want a runny-ish consistency, but not like water.

4. Paint it on in short strokes, kinda push it into the fabric. If its hard to get it on there, you may need a little more water in the paint.

5. Let it dry then sit back and admire your handiwork!!

If you have access to Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (if you're in Oz like don't - yet!) check out my good bloggie friend Amber from Queen of Chairs who painted a chair also, but used ASCP and waxed it as well!
Her chair is gorgeous!! If only she shipped to Australia ;)

Have a great week!!

Courts xx

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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Sneak Peek!!


Its the weekend, and I am spending the whole two days on my own!!


As much as I love my family, I need some regular 'me' time. Just to recharge. I haven't had an extended period of time to myself since before our youngest skadoo was born...she's almost two!!

No wonder I've been grumpy lately!

Wanna see what I've been up to in my free time!!


Bit of fluoro - again, bit of B&W.

I've been busy!! And I'll show you soon xx

When do YOU get to spend some precious time with yourself? And how do you spend it?

Courts x

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

EASY Project - Inspired By The Fluoro Trend!

I'm loving the fluoro trend that's happening in homewares right now,

and so I thought I'd create something easy so that I could have some fluoro at home :)

Before I start...I have a rule regarding fluoro. It's just my rule, for me! Do you have decorating rules?

I generally don't, as a rule...have rules ;) it is - A Little Bit Of Fluoro Goes A Long Way.

I did need to remind myself at one point during my project...

which is the grey and fluoro pink linen cushion above.

So easy to make!! I love easy!!

First, I took some grey linen pants I'd wrecked at some point -

Nicely ironed!! And a cushion insert that I've had stashed away.

and then some fluoro paint if you can get your hands on some. I raided Tony's ute and found this

It's line marking spray paint. The spray comes out the top of the lid.

This is where I had to restrain myself and remind myself of my golden (fluoro) rule!

I could have easily kept painting!

Then it got hung out to dry on the line...

Then it was just a matter of inserting Right sides together.

Pinning around it, removing the insert and sewing three sides.


I left the end with the button open. I was going to velcro it, but didn't have any.

So now we have a little fluoro pink at our place.

And now I want to do something with some fluoro yellow!!

Tony hasn't seen this yet, wonder what he'll think seeing as he loves pink soooo much !!! :)

What are your thoughts on the fluoro trend? Yes or No?

Courts xx

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Found...And The BIG Mistake I Made!

I am a frequent op shopper, as you may have guessed, popping in to our local stores most weeks.

Some days there's nothing.

Other days you can get quite a haul.
On one visit, probably about a year ago, I found this.

I glanced at it from afar, saw that gorgeous worn leather and wandered over for a closer look.

Ok, I might have strode over briskly. There were plenty of other shoppers there that day!

The price tag said $5 so I swooped it up, paid and left.

The timber legs when I got it was a unique shade of green, which I promptly sanded off, and I painted the edges in a custom grey I mixed. It was then waxed.



It's been used here everyday.

A footrest for us adults.

A seat for the skadoos.

Tony even said it's his favorite thing I've brought home. Ever!

But that's not where the story ends, folks.

A few weeks ago, my gorgeous friend Bianca from Ivy Loves Jack,, contacted me about the ottoman.

She had seen photo's of it online - with it's insanely gorgeous matching chair - and did some research for me, God love her!!

Turns out our $5 ottoman is a part of a set, with the 'falcon' chair designed in 1974 by Norwegian designer Sigurd Ressell. It has been described as iconic! And I hadn't heard of it....oops!

And an even bigger oops is the paint I have on it!!

The custom grey I mixed myself and painstakingly taped off each leg to get the perfect edge.

So maybe I use the term 'perfect' loosely... anyway the point is...

I painted a design icon!

Deep breath in...

lets look at the positive. It has a lot less paint, and I'll be honest...more subtly done, than when I found it.

Paint can be removed.

Deep breath out!!

Don't fret anyone. I'm on it.

The paint is as good as gone.

Moving on...

Now all I keep thinking is that someone local donated the ottoman to a falcon chair, does that mean they still have the chair? I NEED a falcon chair now!!!

How gorgeous is it!!! Look at the leather. Worn to perfection!

I don't even mind if it's not the same color leather!!

I'm not fussy!

And so, if you are an admirer of the falcon chair or any piece of interior design history

for that matter. My sincere apologies.

I promise I will rectify this mistake ASAP and return it to it's former glory.

Well, as near to it as I can get :)

What cool finds have you brought home from a second-hand store?

Courts xx

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Timber And Paint Chairs

Hello everyone! How was your Easter?

We had a relaxing few days away at my parents and it was freezing!! I had to break out the scarves and boots, which btw I have a few new pairs of thanks to my BFF, who is the same size shoe as me and passed a few along while we were 'playing' in her MASSIVE wardrobe over Easter!!

I am very blessed to have her in my life, she's my number 1 cheerleader, picks you back up when you've been knocked down, super supportive and an extremely generous person who always has time for you - even though she is a mum/wife and has two businesses!!

(You can check out her shop here.)

So supportive is she - that she bought the very first 2 re-designed chairs I did that I'm showing you today!


This was pre-blog, so no before photo's sorry :)


This one I did in my fave black and white stripe!

And here it is in it's place in her home.

And the second one was covered with a gorgeous pure linen tea towell I thrifted (never been used!) which only just fit on the seat!!

Oh how I wish I could find another one of those!!

Check out the robot!! Cool!!

These bottom photo's are not's how her house looks all the time!!

These two were relatively easy to do. Straight forward upholstery and I only painted the backrest on the front and back. Easy peasy and looks unique, which is what I love!!

Its so awesome when you see something you did a while ago and you still love it just as much!

Its not always the case...sometimes I have creative bad days!!

So do you have somebody in your life who's got your back?

A BFF who knows all your secrets and loves you anyway?

I hope you do.

I'm sorry, but I cannot share mine!!! :)

Courts x

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Canary Yellow Cane

Hi everyone!! Hope you are having a relaxing Easter so far!!

I have a little before and after to show you (yeah, another one! I've been on a roll lately!!)

This is another first for me, as was the pink piece in my last post!

 I haven't painted cane before. 

It was unexpectedly a learning process.

Not as straight forward as I thought it was gonna be.

Its always good to learn something, right?!

Anyway. Here it is...

Complete with some little easter bunnies the girls got off their great-nanna!

And just a few of my fave magazine that I can't bear to throw out!

So here's what I learnt:

-Cane is porous. Very porous in this case. (it drinks up all the paint and you have to keep adding more and more and more!)
-You can buy spray paint from discount stores that are 1/4 of the price from a hardware store. Handy when you need about oh...5 or 6 cans!
-Perhaps a specific primer would have been a good idea in hindsight.
- Gloss was the perfect choice for finish on this piece. Yay!! One thing I did right!! Gloss is a lot more durable than a matt finish would have been.

After all that...I do love it!

All's well that ends well!!

I hope you are enjoying the break as we are!

From my family to yours -


Courts xx

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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Fantastic Plastic

I've done a lot of furniture re-designs in my time.

But I must say, this is a first.

Plastic furniture.

So cool!!!

Who'd have thought!!

A cute little stool that I thought would be perfect for the girls bathroom.

I really liked the shape.

Here's the before...

a beauty in beige!!

And now in all its pink glory in prime position in the bathroom...

Another first for me is the color!!

I've bought pink fabric before, but never pink paint!!

I must say I like it!!

This was all done with spray paint.

I primed it first with Rustoleum Universal which they finally got in at Mitre 10!! Which says it can be used on plastic, it's designed to stick onto anything pretty much.

So far, so good!

Then sprayed two coats of the pink gloss enamel spray paint. Actually I think I did three coats on the top where it will get the most wear :)

Do you have anything pink at your place? Bright or soft pink?

I think I can live with this! And believe it or not, Tony (the only male in the house) is yet to comment!

I'll be back over Easter with another bright before and after for you.

Take care,

Courts x

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

New/Old Toy Storage Solution

Its an age old question isn't it?

What to do with all those toys so that your home actually feels like adults live there to.

For us, they are stashed here there and everywhere. But more often than not, on the floor :)

A lot of them are in here...

And now, thanks to my wonderful MIL, we have this!

A massive old trunk, complete with beautiful chippy paint, that she rescued from another family member who mistakenly thought that this was junk and was taking it to the tip!!

One mans trash...and all that!!

Check out the corner details! I love it!!

This thing can hold a lot of toys!!

Did I mention I love it?

Where do/did you store your childrens toys?

Hope your week is as wonderful as my MIL!!

Courts x

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