Sunday, 30 December 2012

Before And After: Hardwood Desk

This desk was my project for between Christmas and New Year...and I loved, loved doing it!!

It's a HUGE transformation - which you're about to see - which is one of the reasons why I loved working on it, another reason was the therapeutic benefits that I get from sanding and painting! Something that I've needed lately :)

And so...I am going to keep this post short (except for lots of pics!) and wish you and your families a fantastic New Year - may it be a safe and joyous one filled with many wonderful moments!

The before: 

Sorry for the lack of words...I hope you like the photo's and see you in 2013!!

Take care,

Courts xx

Monday, 24 December 2012

See you in 2013...

It's going to be a busy and exciting year that I'm looking forward to sharing with you!

May your Christmas be filled with fun and merriment and you get to relax so as you are all refreshed and ready to tackle some DIY projects with me in 2013 ;-)

Thank you for reading and commenting on my posts this means more than you know :)
I appreciate each and every one of you!!

See you soon,

Courts xx

Friday, 14 December 2012

Before And After: Upholstered Vintage Chair

Oh how I love this chair - this rocker chair that belongs to Clair!

I love it so much in fact that I own one myself that is very similar...except instead of upholstering mine...I painted it! Painted the upholstery that is, yes ;-0 You can read my post on that one right here.

Here's what Clair's looked like before:

It was actually a really cool color, but had just seen better days so Clair picked a beautiful charcoal grey fabric that is perfect for this chair. 
How about those awesome old tacks?! I tried to salvage them but most bent or snapped while I was removing them.
I also refinished all the timber so its much lighter and smoother and now, combined with the charcoal looks so much more modern!

FYI, I upholstered this chair the exact same way it had been done in the past. I took photos along the way as reminders and even some video's so I could give myself some advice along the way ;)
I did this because sometimes when you remove the old upholstery, it can be a while before you then start the re-upholstering - especially if you have kids like me - and the removal of old fabric always takes a lot longer than you think, so your plans to get to a certain point by a certain time then goes out the window!!

Have you ever attempted or would you attempt some upholstery?

Have a fantastic weekend!!

Courts xx

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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

DIY Dark Chalk Paint - What I've Learnt

This post is for my fellow DIYer's ;-)

If you've been following along lately you'll know I've been in a chalk paint phase and, I just love the stuff
You can read all about DIY chalk paint here if you need to catch up on all the deets about it, but today I want to talk about dark chalk paint.

The piece I learnt on! My kithchen stool.

The recipe for chalk paint that I use has plaster of paris mixed in the paint and when you start sanding in between coats, you can see a chalky-ish look to the paint job you've just finished. (It looks like you've used blackboard paint and have rubbed chalk over it.)

The first time this happened to me I thought I'd muffed the recipe and I was going to have to start again.

Exhibit A...chalkiness.


Time by myself is sometimes hard to come by and often, that's when I paint. I've tried it with my little helpers and it just does not work. Ha! Who am I kidding?! It was a disaster...I had to strip it all off and start again!!

Anyway, lets get back on track. :-)
So with the knowledge that I may not get a chance to re-do the piece that was going all chalky on me for another week, I kept going.
I pretended the chalkiness wasn't there and cleaned the piece ready for its second coat - chalky look still there even after cleaning.

BTW, I use good ol' baby wipes for cleaning sanding dust off :) always have plenty of them around!

On goes the second coat, looking great. It dries and I distress it with my mouse sander then go over the whole piece with a 320grit sanding sponge. Wipe all the dust away and it still looks chalky. Of course! Why did I think that by just painting another coat on the problem would go away?!
Wishful thinking!

So I just kept going. I knew it was for us so I could live with it for a while then re-do it one day when I had a chance. (as if...hehe!)

I wiped on the beeswax then buffed it I always do and lo and behold -
the chalkiness was gone!! Halelujah (cue angelic music)!

Chalkiness gone!!

And so...

The moral of the story-:

Sometimes it pays off to pretend everything is ok and just KEEP GOING!

You can quote me on that - I used 'sometimes' so that covers me either way ;-)

What I've Learnt So Far Using DIY Chalk Paint So You Don't Make The Same Mistakes-:

1. Measure, measure, measure! Stick to the recipe 'cause it works! I know I'm a culprit of going all freestyle on paint mixing when you've done it a few times but trust me - you cannot get away with it with the chalk paint recipe I use.
2. Always sand in between coats - once it's dried of course - with a 320grit sanding sponge. This goes for all furniture painting as it will give it a super smooth finish and be the difference between a professional looking job and a crap 'non-professional' one.
3. Always seal after painting. (I usually use beeswax) This protects and nourishes and adds a slight sheen to the hard work you've just completed. Kinda like why you need to condition your hair after shampooing! And why yes...I have done a post on that particular topic, thanks for asking! You can read all about washing your hair the right way (my way) right here.
And as you've just read...beeswax will take away the chalky look to DIY chalk paint, which is especially noticeable when you are using a darker paint color.

And just a reminder...

I hope this post has been a wealth of information to you as you embark on your DIY journey, I know its helped me by just writing it ;-)

Now go and create people!!

Courts xx

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Before And After: A Beautiful Bed

Would you believe this is the first complete bed I've ever painted?!

And I loved doing it :-)

I'm so happy with how it turned out and so is it's owner/s...yay!!

This one belongs to a fantastic client, Simone ...well technically her son...and you may have seen some of Simone's other pieces I've done recently - this table and also this awesome dresser and then there was this dresser too!

And because bed's are soooo hard to photograph unless they're in a room and 'dressed', the after shots have been taken (and styled) by Simone after the bed was delivered yesterday, then sent through to me within an hour or so!! Gotta love technology ;-)

Hasn't she done an awesome job!!!

Well done Simone, the pics are so fantastic - thank you!!

Here is the before...

which I took...not quite so dazzling is it?!

Some more afters...

Recognize the dresser? (if not you can check the before and after for it here)

There's just something about a little black in a room. It just somehow lifts other colors in the room. If you had everything in the room black it wouldn't'd be too much and just look wrong.
But it so works in this room :)

And at our place below...

It works too. Love it! 
This is an instagram pic - we haven't yet done the house tour photo shoot :)
It's kinda been pushed down the list a little. We'll get there...eventually!

So could you use a little black at your place?

Hope you had a stupendous weekend!!

Courts xx

PS. The bed was painted in DIY chalk paint and I will tell you a little more about chalk paint and dark colors in the next few case you want to try it yourself ;-)

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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Before And After: The Four Footstools

So you've probably seen these teak footstools a bit now - either here or on instagram - but nevertheless...I wanted to show you all four of them here properly :)

Here's the before...again :)


So with these - I refinished the bases and took off the lovely existing upholstery and re did that :)

When I say I've 'refinished' something, that means that I've sanded (and sanded!) it until its once again silky smoothe to the touch.
I usually start with an electric sander and a medium grit sandpaper, then work my way to sanding it by hand with a 320 grit sanding sponge. It varies depending on the timber and the state it's in - if you'd like more sanding details, let me know and I'm happy to help!

More afters...

1. (sold)


3. My Favorite - Marimekko fabric

4. (sold)

For some reason I didn't get any other photo's of number four.

Numbers one and four have been on a little road trip already as their new owners were travelling from Melbourne to Adelaide for a few days when they picked them up on Saturday! Hopefully they behaved on that long drive ;-)

I must be very wicked as there's no rest for me ;) Now the market is over I'm getting started on a growing list of custom furniture including a gorgeous chair I'm upholstering and a bed that I start painting tomorrow - which are both going to be awesome!!

Hope your week is awesome too!

Courts xx

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Monday, 3 December 2012

Some Embarrassing Market Photo's...

Let me first say that I had a fantasticly awesome time at the Makers' Christmas Market on Saturday...I met some wonderful people and caught up with a few I haven't seen for a long time, enjoyed the sunshine and sent the most amount of extrovert furniture ever, off to their new homes!!

So why the embarrassing photos?

Well, it was my display.

I had a huge area and not much stuff so it all looked rather sparse and boring.

My creative juices were definitely not flowing last week and so I kind of plonked my furniture down and went with it. I had decided not to do any really small stuff as I really want to focus on furniture, and so without lots of small things to fill in the gaps...this is what you are left with...

having said all of that (and feeling embarrassed by my lack of creative displaying!) it made no difference to how my day went in the end and I got over it pretty quick :)

On a completely different subject...if you are in Victoria or get the channel 'gem' where you live, The movie 'Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead' is on tonight at 9.30.
This doco helped me make some positive changes in my life (which you can read about here and here) I cannot recommend it highly enough to watch!!

Courts xx

Friday, 30 November 2012

Come Visit Me...

well I guess thats only possible if you live somewhat close to Horsham :)

Just a reminder that I am at the Makers' Christmas Market tomorrow - Saturday December 1st from 9.00 - 1.00 and I'd love to see you!!

Some things you'll see of mine there-

Plus more!!!

Hope to see you there!!

Courts xx

P.S It's even not too far to come if you happen to be from the place with 'Bad Morals' plus you'll make it back in plenty of time for the rodeo!! ;-0
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